Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Dog Breeders - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Puppies

Downderry Wheatens
Kennel history, show accomplishments, litter announcements and photos. New Zealand.
Villa Rosa Kennel
Kennel information, pedigrees, memorials, and photographs. Sweden.
Frequently asked questions about the breed, pictures, and pedigrees. California.
Harvest Breeze
Pedigrees, photographs and links. Sweden.
Kennel history, photographs, pedigrees, and show news. Ontario, Canada.
Irish Warrior Kennel
Breed history and standard, photographs, news, pedigrees, and litter announcements. [English, German and Czech]. Czech Republic.
Glenn's World
Pictures of a dog in Switzerland.
Lexee's Homepage
Photograph gallery and stories from a dog in Chicago.
Tucker The Wacky Wheaten
Pictures, a brief biography, and links from a dog in Alberta, Canada.
The Canine Information Library
Guide to molosser breeds, guard dog breeds, bull-and-terrier breeds, bulldog breeds and lesser-known breeds. Descriptions of temperament, history, photographs, and references for each breed.
American Rare Breed Association
Breeds, shows, registration, from ARBA.
Dog Breeds by Group
Links to breed specific web sites, presented by DogInfomat.
Providing lists of kennels, shows, forums, health, and training.
Rare Breeds
Dozens of breeds from the Rare Breed Network.
Rare Breeds Showcase
This webring is for breeder, exhibitor, owner, and other informative and educational sites geared towards the betterment of rare breeds.
Dog Lovers Page
Dog breed information, presented by PetNet.
Pedigree Database, The
Open database supporting all dog breeds. Includes pedigrees, kennel information, classifieds and picture galleries.
Walters and Shackles Guide to Dog Breeds
A British guide to more than 100 breeds of dog, with brief histories, and watercolours.
Discover Dogs
Exhibition in London, organised by The Kennel Club. Information about the exhibition, as well as about the choice, care and training of every breed of dog.
Puppy Dog Web
Information about purebred dog breeds, classified and photograph ads for pet puppies, show puppies, studs, and rescues.
Dogz Online
Guide to purebred dogs in Australia, and New Zealand.
Find the Right Dog Breed
Find out about specific breeds, puppies, and choosing a dog that's right for you. Learn how to groom, train and maintain a dog's optimum health and nutrition. From Purina.